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Vanguard is not just the premier provider of Less Than Container Load ocean freight consolidation, but also of matching Less Than Truckload logistics on land. Our strong road capabilities allow us to provide door-to-door shipments for seagoing cargo and offer stand-alone LTL solutions for freight forwarders’ domestic use in America and Europe – all with the same customer service, seamless integration, and end-to-end visibility that characterizes Vanguard operations.

Seamless, door-to-door solutions

Our broad network of carriers ensures that trucks are always available, always in time for cut-off at port, and always ready for delivery on the other end; this wealth of carrier agreements also allows us to offer highly competitive rates while providing genuine door-to-door service. What is more, Vanguard processes do not require class-of-freight information, for example, running on weight and cubic dimensions alone.

  • Vanguard uses more than 35 carrier agreements to offer highly competitive rates
  • Vanguard offers Class 70 FAK rating for all USA and Europe pick-ups and delivery
  • Vanguard’s Shiprite quoting tool offers 24/7 LTL pricing
  • Vanguard’s Shiprite on demand tool provides 24/7 LTL pricing, dispatch, tracking capabilities and a single invoicing process in the USA
  • Vanguard offers best-in-class EDI milestones

At Vanguard, we have mirrored the expansion of our ocean freight network with an ever tighter web of road solutions to provide a truly integrated service.

Technology-driven approach

As a tech-led organization, we have developed a suite of tools that solve freight challenges – a full-service platform which we make available to freight forwarders of all sizes, enabling them to access door-to-door rate quotes, execute shipments, and track cargo, customizing trucking solutions on both ends to provide the best possible service to their clients. Our transport management system offers one-click solutions to door pick-up and delivery, integrating road movements into the ocean booking process.

Stand-alone LTL offering

Vanguard extends the networks of smaller freight forwarders and complements those of larger organizations by making its in-house LTL capabilities available to them as a stand-alone service. Customers can use Vanguard LTL to ship from or to their own CFS or third-party sites, to transport cargo with TSA or airfreight requirements, or simply to plug gaps in their own international processes.

Whether as part of an ocean shipment or as a discrete LCL service, Vanguard’s road network delivers truck capacity on time, using proprietary software to provide simple, door-to-door rates and best-in-class transport management services.


Please contact us to learn more about how we can put our road network capabilities to work for your business.

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