Customs Services

International shipping does not stop at transportation, but requires deep local expertise of customs. We partner to manage customs documentation, compliance and processes – whether that is your preferred broker or one from our own network. Whatever requirement or jurisdiction. We get it done.

Vanguard has deep expertise in managing customs documentation and services across our network. Whether it is AMS and AES for the USA, T-1 for Europe or AFR in Japan, to name a few – we have the experience and systems to ensure processes and compliance are delivered to facilitate efficient and timely movement of cargo. We work closely with preferred customs brokers, all with considerable expertise and long standing relationships and processes with Vanguard. Or, we’ll partner with your broker of choice. If Brokerage is your requirement, speak to a representative. If we don’t do it in your specific country, we’ll ensure you work with the best available in the market.

Australia Customs Solutions

Nationwide customs team, fully accredited and backed by advanced IT to deliver brokerage, consultancy and solutions. Learn more.

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Graham Cousins
Chief Strategy Officer
Vanguard Logistics Services
+ 1 (310) 847 3008

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