IPI & Gateway

As a leading neutral non-vessel-operating common carrier (NVOCC) with a larger owned network than any other provider, Vanguard is ideally placed to offer fully-integrated IPI and Gateway programs to support global ocean freight consolidation services. These unique capabilities allow us to optimize inland costs for our customers to an unparalleled degree.


Inland point intermodal (IPI) network (import)

By using IPI services, customer benefit from high speed delivery of cargo with release at their destination of choice while enjoying best rates, all with the high standards of visibility and control provided by Vanguard tools and EDI as standard – and regardless of whether cargo is co-loaded with Vanguard at origin or part of a third-party CFS product. Our IPI capability enables customers to deliver door-to-door solutions.

The size and scalability of Vanguard’s extensive US coast-to-coast IPI network mean that it can offer 235 unique combinations and moves more cargo to more locations than any other provider. With the two largest container freight stations (CFS) in the New York and Los Angeles ports respectively, Vanguard handles the volume of cargo necessary to provide consistent, regular inland service. We have a twice-daily New York-Chicago shuttle, for instance, representing a level of frequency which allows us to provide airfreight speed of service using trucks on this and many other routes.

Gateway network (export)

With 40 years of expansion and excellence in Less Than Container Load ocean freight – and a substantial CFS footprint – behind us, we are able to make the advantages of our low-cost, high-performing infrastructure available to our customers.

By using our Control Tower software for load-planning, Gateway customers have the benefits of managing fluctuations and flexible sourcing with Vanguard – and enhance their own LCL program performance. As such, we can offer cost-effective and highly flexible volume management to help freight forwarders buffer peaks and troughs, providing last-minute and overflow capability. Moreover, with its range of hybrid solutions, Vanguard allows freight forwarders to select the Gateway options which best help them optimize their own operations.

Throughout the process, Vanguard’s industry-leading EDI and tracking & tracing ensure uninterrupted visibility and control.

Whether it is a question of moving imported cargo to its destination or helping to load shipments for export, Vanguard has the respective IPI and Gateway infrastructure and expertise to help freight forwarders extend and complement their networks.

Please contact us to learn more about how we can put our IPI and Gateway solutions to work for your business.

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