Our Company

It's been around 40 years since DCL set up in a shipping industry then only recently revolutionized by the container, by specializing on consolidating sub-container loads of ocean freight into full containers. Ever since, Vanguard’s leadership in the industry has been the driver behind its expansion, into geographies worldwide, value-added services, and to include leading brands such as Confreight, Ocean Express, including, of course, Brennan.

Vanguard’s past is not just proof of our industry track record, but a success story in which many of our employees today have played an important part. We are a company of over 3,000 LCL and logistics experts, a large number of whom have been with Vanguard from the early days of LCL shipping.  This experience, and focus on customer service and relationships, is a key source of strength and excellence for the future.

As a tech-led company, Vanguard today combines the agile, streamlined, customer-centered approach of true innovators with the stability and solidity of an industry player of four decades’ standing. As such, we are able to deliver cutting-edge IT solutions combined with best-in-class infrastructure and genuinely worldwide service.  Our reach and scale deliver operational and financial strength in whichever region our customers are active. 

Mansour Group

Founded in the 1950s, the family-run Mansour Group is one of the largest private sector conglomerates in the Middle East and Africa. Mansour represents and is in partnership with a range of top Fortune 500 companies and global brands including Caterpillar, McDonald's and General Motors, where it is one of the largest dealers outside of the USA. Mansour is marked by a long-term approach based on business integrity, operational excellence, and investment in people: companies in the Mansour Group benefit from a focus on excellence and strong support for growth.  As a member of the Mansour Group, Vanguard benefits from a wealth of experience and knowledge to further develop the organization as an industry leader.  The Mansour Group acquired Vanguard in 2012 through Man Capital, it’s private equity arm, as a long-term strategic asset and leader in its industry segment.

For further information relating to shareholders please contact Man Capital LLP: Nikhil Malik, Partner, nmalik@mancapllp.com