With its broad on-the-ground reach and highly experienced staff, Vanguard is able to provide consistent levels of service across the globe from origin to destination. That is why, while known to many as the world’s premier LCL operator, Vanguard also handles a significant volume of global FCL cargo. It is the scale and quality of Vanguard’s operations that make it an attractive NVOCC in FCL for freight forwarders and customers large and small.

One provider, multiple carriers

The key driver behind Vanguard’s competitiveness in the FCL segment is the access it offers as a neutral provider to the full range of carriers. One phone call to Vanguard – or one query in our proprietary rates engine – will give you the most comprehensive overview available anywhere of all lines and alliances, their routes, and their rates.

  • Vanguard offers access to more than 30 carriers
  • Vanguard has one of the largest NVOCC teams dedicated FCL experts
  • Vanguard serves more than 1,000 ports every year

No other provider has this level of coverage and hands-on expertise, meaning that you can be confident that we offer not only the most competitive rates on the market, but also the best service to go with it.

Best-in-class FCL service

Besides streamlined booking and handling processes facilitated by our dedicated customer service operatives, Vanguard offers cutting-edge tracking and tracing technology and user-friendly electronic data integration (EDI). We are fully compliant with legal requirements and have the expertise required to navigate processes and regulations across the globe.

True end-to-end capabilities

When coupled with our advanced inland capabilities, the breadth of our network and the experience of our FCL operatives allows us to deliver genuine door-to-door packages. Using our network of state-of-the-art CFS and warehousing facilities, we can also develop tailored solutions, including gateway programs, to meet specific transport needs and add value to FCL services.

As a one-stop shop, we combine carrier scope, high service levels, simplified billing, and a flexible approach to complement larger freight forwarders’ FCL networks and extend the reach of smaller operators as required – always to a high level of performance.

Please contact us and our dedicated FCL experts for more about how we can meet your FCL needs.