Vanguard Logistics Services Commitment to Safety

It is the policy of Vanguard Logistics Services (VLS) to implement and maintain a Safety Management System that incorporates safety and health hazard control with core business practices to achieve compliance with federal and local safety regulations and to provide a safe and healthy work environment for all VLS employees. Vanguard Logistics Services' safety policy holds all levels of management accountable for carrying out safety and health responsibilities and holds all VLS personnel responsible in maintaining a safe workplace. Vanguard Logistics Services' safety program extends to all visitors to the VLS workplace including customers, vendors, colleagues, or any member of the public visiting any VLS facility. Through the commitment of senior and middle management and the attentiveness and cooperation of all Vanguard Logistics Services employees, VLS strives to

Integrate health and safety into all VLS business practices and routines

Cooperate and consult between management and employees to maintain a comprehensive safety program.

Commit to regular safety policy reviews and monitor effectiveness.

Provide competent and available safety leadership along with functional and useful safety and health training.

Dedicate the necessary resources to properly create and maintain a safe working environment